DISCLAIMER: Most of you will not watch this video, because the concepts and topics that it pertains to are the same topics and concepts we as a society like to conveniently forget, and place under the rug of “turning up” or being “too busy” with other more pressing things, like our fake jobs…for even faker money to buy things we really don’t need.

Do I sound bitter when I right like this? Actually, I’m thrilled to bring content like this to the forefront of our beautiful site. That way, when sh*t really hits the fan, you can scroll through the archives and remember: CLPNation.com taught me.

I like this selection particularly because most of the information is remarkably eye opening, if it’s new to you. It’s also the kind of information that makes people uncomfortable. The kind of uncomfortable that will have you searching for another video within few minutes, attempting to repress any feelings that might have been garnered up during the videos brief stint in your life. Muahahah. That my friends is what real truth feels like.

The second main reason I like this video, is that its narrated by none other than my main man, Bill Cosby, who, in light of recent events, may come across as the last person to be dropping knowledge and truth…unless recent events were…how do you say…fabricated. I digress.

If you’re in need of something to think about, this film, at just under and hour is for you. If you’re scared, then be sure to check out any other less scary pieces we have here in abundance at CLPNation.com.

Share and enjoy. You’re welcome.

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