I know everyone is busy with their day to day lives. Chances are, if you spend any amount of time visiting CLPNation.com, you belong to a special part of the world’s population, better know as…the other 99%. It’s even probably safe to say that you have similar or if not worse day to day struggles to deal with in this game called life. If you’re like me…you’ve questioned why things are the way they are and you’re well on your way to bringing balance to the force. For the rest of you still embarking on your journey of awakening…Bambu and Killer Mike dropped this super dope record tonight called: Upset The System.

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Now, I must preface that this record and supporting video…does not contain any bling…sexy ladies…or expensive cars. Instead, every verse is packed full of the grim reality that has become our society…specifically but not limited to The United States of America. For those of you with any attention span or energy left to give this a listen…I implore that you listen closely. I’d love to stress about how this is a real life and death matter…but for now…I’d just like you to start thinking. Let us know if you’re digging this one and be sure to visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best creative works. By the way…this beat cray! Shout out to producer Colby Evans

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