I’ve all but given up on the internet today as there’s literally nothing that I’m feeling…except this. Mick Jenkins, hailing from Chicago by way of Huntsville, Alabama, can’t be put in a box. After Martyrs, I was instantly digging the underlying messages behind this dudes flows.

…He is a member of Free Nation, a hip-hop group that promotes creative thought without accepting narrow views imposed by the powers that be. This group believes that when you find a way to combat the status quo, you are free…

The good ole powers that be, always leaves me smirking at the current state of this world…more specifically at it relates to the type of media and music we’re force fed on a regular basis. I know it’s tough to take a few steps back and really think about what you’re jamming to on a regular basis because it’s easier to stress about what your favorite artist is wearing. Most of what we are jamming to, is simple…and easy to digest…even when it’s not really understandable…and should barely pass for English. There’s no challenge when it comes to searching for deeper meanings, or forming opinions after hearing some new music. Thankfully, The Waters is sure to put a quick stop to the shenanigans.

Jenkins is one of those artists whom I’d rather not even attempt to classify or put a label on. His music is truth filled. He covers the real issues, and can’t seemed to be burned by “first world problems” and more so, “first world distractions. I dig that, so if I were to suggest to you all, that you should go back and jam Trees And Truths and then fully engulf yourself with this The Waters album, you should…but I know many of you won’t. Sucks to be you! Share and enjoy! Well done once again Mick Jenkins.

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