Just when you think there might be a little less ridiculousness in the world, you get home early from work to check what jams have hit the net…and you find this. Nicki Minaj has been stirring up the headlines of late, but mainly for becoming more “normal”. As she continues to reinvent herself with a more toned down image, fan are constantly wondering if the “old” Nicki is making a comback. This Pill’s N Potions video doesn’t exactly lend itself to that…but then again…I get it. The video is flat out weird…and the record itself is tough to really understand.

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However it’s a genius move on her part or whomever (Cash Money) is directing this new phase of her career. The record itself is almost tailored to the sheepish music consumers of this era. The beat boasts a simple main melody with those “hit chords” and the drums are just chill enough for you to let the record ride even if you’re not actually paying attention to the rest of it. The chorus, vocalized by Nicki, almost seems as though it was written for the likes of a Rihanna, and even her verses are nice and simple. This one has radio single written over it…so I guess I can’t hate that much. If you listen closely at the end of the record…you can almost hear Birdman in the background. One hunna! Black bardbie! Pill N Potions! Brrrrrr!


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