Woi! It’s my birthday and I can cry if I wanna. Shit… I can DANCE if I wanna, too! AND leave my friends behind. But ya boi don’t know much about all that. All I know is I’m ready to enjoy another year of ups and downs. It’s not as exciting without the learning curve, is it? Anyways… we know that tomorrow is never promised. Well, I knew it, and you’ll figure it out if you haven’t already. There’s one thing that you always have, though: You Always Have Love And Yesterdays. #YAHLAY is the name of the game. Anything you have to look forward to, is based on what you can look back on. Whether you get better or worse, there’s always an old version of you that you can reflect on. Look out for my album of the same name coming soon. Even sooner than that, though… your boy will be in Atlanta for A3C trying to make a couple solid connections and gain a few fans while I’m at it. In the meantime – and to groove with me on my birthday – check out these vibes from myself and the homie SuCoo out of Orlando, FL. This Super Cool cat is a part of a talented trio of artists that I am proud to say I work with. Much like myself, when Five Drexler isn’t on the mic shoutin’ out all the bad white babies, you might catch him behind the 1’s and 2’s cooking up some soulful productions; he even played a few dope beats at the beat battle weeks back. Enough of the jibber jabber, yo… check this shit out now!!!