intricate the champs

Tallahassee, FL – This emcee just did a 90’s posse cut, by himself. With a rhyme scheme as intricate as his name suggests, the aptly titled artist Intricate The Almighty easily bobs-and-weaves in-and-out of The Audible Doctor-produced “The Champs,” from his 2nd solo project OG Totes. You can download the record here. This is his very first music video, done with the help of California videographer Michael ‘Faba’ Fahey and features several cameos from members of the indie Hip-Hop scene in Tallahassee. If I may, Intricate’s cadence reminds me a bit of a chill emcee out of Detroit, MI named Ty Farris The Coldest. Check him out when you wrap up here. Now, catch the vibe:

intricate emcee black and white