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400 black males get killed by police every year in the United States of America.

The recent state of the union has been the cause of wavering morale in all of us. With “White Wash,” Rav.P features P.Dockz on this self-produced monster in hopes of raising awareness among all communities – especially the black community – to put an end to the perception that African Americans are not worthy of life. Hip-hop heads like Killer Mike, Ms Lauryn Hill and even Bruus have also been quite vocal on the issues, speaking out against the atrocities that befall us in these tragic days and times. I love to see my people coming together; let us not allow the death of any one man, woman or child to be in vain.


Rav.P is headlining at SOBs w P.dockz opening up on Sept 4th for the project IMMACULATE.

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