The 813 and the 727 come together on this joint offering from Ari Chi and the Young Locals, with Ari cooking up some trill, jazzy instrumentals and supplying a few well-deserved vocals for the Local Muzik duo to rip through. I can’t tell you a time I seen Mari So Dope without Ameen Spade nearby, and vice versa (yea!); them boys really squadded. Plus, they both attack records with similar, yet completely distinct flows that are ever-evolving but always familiar. Ameen’s got a mean free association game and Mari can slalom in and out of a beat with ease. Then you have Ari, the ukele-weilding artist we normally look to for her beautiful, wavering voice. While we get to hear a handful of her vocals on Passion Color Money, the real treat is getting a chance to experience the production side of her artistry. If you ain’t know, now you know. I’m not surprised that the title track, “Passion Color Money” is my first-listen-favorite on the short-but-sweet drop… but “Pace” isn’t too far behind, hosting the tape’s only other featured artist. Word to the whole Tampa Bay. Get some sun and thank your water: