Allow us to switch gears from music…to cars…which have gears. Get it? Forget y’all! My most favorite thing to hate about concept cars is that most concepts are so awesome, that the brilliant folks at these design houses decide the general public won’t be able to handle them…so they water down the designs so much that by the time the car actually makes it to production, it’s kind of just…a regular car. So allow me to crack open another

So allow me to crack open another Stella (who have not paid us to say that or embed their hyperlink)…and share with you the Mercedes Maybach 6, which is slated to be autonomous…which means, not needing human intervention…which means you can hop in it and push a few buttons and be driven around…autonomously. In all honestly, we’re a little late to the party with releasing these shots, as they hit the internets about a week ago now, but in fashion…it’s given us a little more time to digest and verify that this content was “share-worthy”. Hell, half of you all still can’t Google properly, so you’re welcome. The Maybach 6, is really supposed to showcase what Mercedes-Benz can accomplish in the next 10 to 15 years, which means they probably have the technology now, and are testing it in current and future models.  It’s said to be 6 meters long…which is a hair under 20 ft…which is like…1 foot longer than 19 feet. Get it? Other notable projections for the 6 are a 750hp engine and gullwing doors.

In conclusion, more likely than not, even if a watered-down version of this Vision 6 concept hits the street, you won’t be able to afford it, so you might as well peep the images we’ve curated straight from the Mercedes-Benz press release, and leave your two cents in the comments section below.

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03-Mercedes-Benz-Design-Vision-Mercedes-Maybach-6-1280x436-1280x436 05-Mercedes-Benz-Design-Vision-Mercedes-Maybach-6-Interior-640x357 06-Mercedes-Benz-Design-Vision-Mercedes-Maybach-6-Interior-640x357 Maybach 6 vision 1 Maybach 6 vision 2 Maybach 6 vision 3 Maybach 6 vision 4 Maybach 6 vision 5