A beautiful bride walking down the aisle of a historic church, a divine meal and carefully chosen favours; all of these are things that help to make a perfect wedding day for the couple tying the knot and their guests alike.

They aren’t all that’s important, however, the quality of the entertainment is also something that will be remembered long after the happy couple has flown off on their honeymoon and the dancing shoes have been hung up.Almost every wedding for the last 50 years has featured a cheesy DJ playing one-hit- wonders

Almost every wedding for the last 50 years has featured a cheesy DJ playing one-hit- wonders and golden oldies, interspersed with cheesy platitudes and one liners. If not that, then an average local band playing covers – no-one will hate it because it’s nothing if not expected, but it’s not going to have much of a wow factor either.


MN2S talent agency offers a wide variety of options so you can hire a celebrity for your big day; whether it’s a funny after-dinner speaker or a musical guest that’s a cut above the standard wedding entertainment options.

Making your special day memorable is important; not only are you celebrating your love for each other but you’re also celebrating the support that friends and family have offered to your relationship. That’s why one of your top priorities should be making sure that they all have as good a time as you do.

A traditional after dinner speaker might be a bit dry for a celebratory wedding reception, but that doesn’t rule out the concept entirely. You could book a celebrity speaker to lead the toasts; one of the groom’s favourite footballers, perhaps, or a tennis player of whom the bride is a fan. If you’re really brave, you could even opt for a comedian to deliver a set as part of the evening entertainment – just make sure it’s not too risque for the parents and grandparents!

A safer bet may be to choose one of the bride and groom’s favourite musical acts to play at the reception. It’s sure to be more memorable than a bland band or a dodgy DJ, and with such a wide variety of acts available to book for just such an occasion, there’s sure to be someone suitable.

While fans of 80s dance music might like to get down to Corona and rap fanatics may find an appearance by Sugarhill gang right up their street, old romantics will love the dulcet tones of Daniel Bedingfield for their first dance – it’s sure to have everyone tearing up.

All of these acts and more are available to book through London talent agency MN2S – call today to chat to a friendly agent who can talk you through the practicalities of booking a celebrity for your big day.


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