burn the crown kyngz back

BURN IT!!! St. Petersburg, FL Hip Hop duo, Kyngz, make a statement with their 10-track debut album, Burn The Crown: “Being number one is less important when it destroys the person you are, and everyone else around you. Love one another, help one another, guide one another….and that is how we ALL become Kyngz and Queenz.” Listen along as the duo leads by example, showing us that kingship is not about RULING, but about LEADING. The people have been evermore divided by the idea of being the one on the throne, but we need unity in these days and times. We provided the cover art for the project, and we were super hype to receive an advanced copy in the mail. Shout outs to the producers on the project – Stefon4u, OSYM & Johnny Juliano. “Nobody Knows,” “Don’t Be Ashamed” & “Sit On It” are some of my favorites. Now catch the vibe: