tef poe

St. Louis, MO – Emcee Tef Poe’s “War Cry” is a diss record aimed at Jay Nixon, the Governor of Missouri, from Poe’s War Machine II. You can hear more from Poe on his recent full-length release War Machine III down bottom. Enough talking, catch the vibe:

“We cry for justice and they tear gas us in return. This situation has turned into a political game of cat and mouse and we are the mice. We believe in non violent protests. We advocate strongly for non-violent protests. Our mission statement is non-violent protests. We say this while we know for a fact that every police precinct in the metropolitan area is preparing to partner with the National Guard and attack us as if we are not tax paying citizens. We have witnessed your cruelty once before. We know you will not stop until there are no more bullets for you to shoot. We pray for peace but we are prepared defend our families. We are prepared to protect our children. We say this while we also realize you are currently preparing your militia to shoot us down in the streets of our very own communities as if we are stray dogs. My heart is heavy simply because I feel helpless.”

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