This might be one of the most awesome videos…of all time. A few years ago, I would have blamed artists like Waka Flocka for the degradation of rap music…but who am I kidding? When in Rome right?
Workin’ starts off from inside the trap, where Waka and SQQQUAADD…are doing hoodrat things. Naturally…we need to have a SWAT team rush the premises. Just when you think SQQQUAADD is down for the count…they flip the script…and the SWAT team proceeds to get overthrown.
The anarchy spills into the streets of the hood…as Waka and SQQUAADD escort the Feds out in cuffs. Solid!
Throughout however, Waka delivers energetic bars over a super tough trap beat. It might even be one of the nicest trap beats since Rick Ross’ BMF. However, unlike BMF, in which everyone stops giving a shit by the 3rd verse….this 3rd verse booms into screen with a night scene, featuring cop cars lighting up the skys. Fantastic! In all seriousness…this record really is solid. It drives me insane that his lyrics always seem not very quantized…which somehow seems to be acceptable now a days. I remember when a dude couldn’t rap on beat…it was safe to presume he couldn’t rap at all. Anarchy. Share and enjoy!

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