We’re a couple days late with these visuals for Pusha T’s Suicide featuring Ab Liva but with good reason. I saw these visuals drop this past Friday night, and I really wasn’t feeling them. We’re only bringing this one to you all because the record itself is awesome. These dark, minimalist visuals seem to be a recurring theme for a’lot of King Push’s records of late, which isn’t necessarily bad…just not what we would prefer. Seriously, just trying to watch this shit makes my eyes hurt. WFT?! And the shameless Beats By Dre plug. Fucking Dr. Dre! Really? Was that the best these creatives could come up with?

suicide, pusha t, ab liva, pharrell williams, my name is my name, good music, g.o.o.d. music

I think we’re long overdue to see Pusha…push…the envelope with his videos. I’d like to seem him in something reminiscent of  J. Cole’s Power Trip or even something along the lines of the Rick Ross assisted Millions record. I digress. All critique regarding the visuals aside, this suicide record is wicked as hell. Pusha and long time Re-Up Gang running mate Ab Live deliver a lyric ass whooping on this beat, which boasts the classic engineering of Pharrell Williams.

suicide, pusha t, ab liva, pharrell williams, my name is my name, good music, g.o.o.d. music

I’ve jammed this record (which is off Pusha’s critically acclaimed My Name Is My Name album) but never realized how ill the bass kicks were until I listened in a pair of studio headphones. The entire album is whip ready, and Suicide is one of many gems on it. Be sure to purchase or steal your copy of My Name Is My Name and listen to it more intently than watching this video. Visit CLPNation.com all in the middle of the day for our expert take on the most creative works in the galaxy…which isn’t even as dark as these visuals. Darkness says!

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