motherload 2

Wow. I’m going to let you all finish, but this might be one of the best videos of all time. This is definitely an unexpected first encounter with Mastodon, and initially, I didn’t even know what to expect. Was this…a rock song? Dare I say…not hip hop?! Motherload reminds of my first encounters with popular music, which was in fact mostly rock music.

Pretty much anything from Papa Roach to POD was good enough for me and I learned to appreciate music for the harmony in which different pieces of a record came together. Naturally when @AlecBurnright put me on Timbaland and Magoo’s Indecent Proposal, my naive but eager to be apart of this world self, assumed, that all music was supposed to be creatively pieced together, have a decent idea or concept well nicely executed.  I digress.

Mastodon, is a by no other definition a rock band. Motherload, is one of those nicely executed records, that is accompanied by an even nicer video. Without giving away too much, I highly recommend checking this one out. You will be surprised. Whether it’s pleasantly or disgustingly, is up to you. This is one of our contenders for video of the year, and because of the fine work, we’ll be keeping an eye on Mastodon and their future projects. This record is pretty dope and also features a classically long and epic guitar solo coming down to the end. Respect the skills! Share and enjoy! Visit daily for out take on the best creative works across the internet.

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motherload 3