I’d never heard of Yuna outside of a reference in a Childish Gambino lyric off Because The Internet, but man am I glad I found this video tonight. This one is getting the CLPNation.com award for Video of The Night, because it’s just that jamming. It’s always refreshing to see a vocalist who can command such attention with nothing more that her ability to sing. Yuna keep this video classy, but delivers such clean visuals. This record is bigger than it first seems, so I suggest you jam this one loud as hell. Awesome instrumental as well! Man, this record just did it and said it for me! She’s Malaysian by the way.

Don’t have to call me, I turned my phone off
Let the pillows to protect my heart
You don’t have to check up on me, I’ll be alright
I turned off the lights and sweep into the night.


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