Damn, this record is tough. This Mosh Pit record is straight jammin! I know we’re always shitting on wack music here at CLPNation.com, but even we have the need to unwind to fun records. However, they have to be dope fun records…and this one is definitely doing it and saying it. The visuals are exciting as hell…and the instrumental is perfectly mixed to get your head bobbing. I hadn’t heard of Flosstradamus or Casino (not sure where his feature is in this record) until the homie Handsome Ike (of @TeamScene) put me on them. One quick glance at their SoundCloud and you can see they’ve been killing the game. Fun fact: Flosstradamus is the stage name of Chicago-based DJs J2K (Josh Young) and Autobot (Curt Cameruci). There is a seizure warning at the beginning of this video, so if you are prone to those…CLPNation.com is not responsible for any injuries incurred while browsing CLPNation.com. Share and enjoy! Play this one loud…with a spoon on your tongue if you’re seizure prone.

Purchase on iTunes here: Mosh Pit (feat. Casino) – Single – Flosstradamus


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