I want to say this song is about not judging a book by it’s cover, or rather…any sort of rush to judgement, but you’ll have watch to see if I’m wrong. It’s still Tuesday, so that means there’s always some time for some flip scripting! I found this jam on my nightly excursion of the internets for all things ill and thought it was definitely worth the share.

harriet, burbank, harriet music


While this Harriet, Burbank record is hardly the prototypical boy meet’s girl story, I thought the visuals made this record that much better. Harriet is a 4 piece band out of Los Angeles and seems to be striking up quite a buzz with this Burbank record and video. The vibe is simple, but sonically this band This one doing it and saying it for you all? Let us know by sharing or commenting below. Props to a sweet video:

Director: Ethan Berger
Cinematographer: Stefan Weinberger
Editors: Ethan Berger, Ted Feldman
Producers: Samantha Silliman, Vanessa Elliot
Producers: Alex Russek, Matt Leddy
Co Producer: Charlie Hicks
Art Direction: Max Jezik
AD: Jake Gross
Wardobe: Hannah Greenblatt
DIT: Jairo Ramos

Check out Harriet Music on Soundcloud here.


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