More amazing music about the bullshit we are force fed on a daily basis. I absolutely love this song/video, and wish that 1 million people would give a damn about what he’s saying; this is refreshing. “PANGEA” is the single for “Post-Crack Era”, one of the most highly anticipated, highly controversial tapes in 2013. This 10 track EP is a representation of all the fundamental elements for which Hip-Hop embodies.. The producer/rapper duo known as “Dynamic Equilibrium” consists of rapper Alpha Memphis (Queens) of the Genius Sounds Family X Dope League & producer Machia (Brooklyn).

Shot & Edited by Swim Watku
Production Team: Swim Watku, Larry Rose, Alpha Memphis, & Juers
Sounds Engineered by : SkyHighHype

Twitter: @AlphaMemphisGSF @RKSMUSIC1 @GeniusSoundsFam