Short and sweet. That’s what you can expect from this EP-style project. 5 tracks that vary in style, but all seem to hit home. The singer on “Guiding Light” not my favorite. I love “True to Myself.” Either way I find myself singin along with Two’s shit like it’s my life he’s talkin about. I started really following Two after hearing “Dream Chasing” on Cosa Nostra. Big up #TBPG – Team Before Personal Gain. Give Florida H2O a listen, and download below if you like. Share the page with a friend if you can; help an indie artist get some exposure. It’s hard out here for a pimp!

Shoot… might have to burn this one for the whip (You know on that ancient, dying technology: CD’s? Otherwise known as Compact Discs)

Grab the Florida H2O EP on iTunes.

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