Timbaland, in this interview, said he was searching for up and coming producers that he felt, his style, influence and impact on music production, birthed. Re-read that if you need to, but we, myself and ABR….ABR and I are that. We were birthed by the likes of Timbaland. We listened to how he sonically and rhythmically broke down boundaries and went against the grain. We loved the sound of going against the grain, and approximately 10 years ago, with a ripped copy of FL 3.5..we set out to be different. At whatever expense, perhaps faster cash, or selling out for a deal or missed opportunities for relationships and placements, we have managed to safely stay the course when it comes to producing original material. Armed with that knowledge, this interview really hits home, as Timbaland, in a way more appreciative manner, dissects and explains how hip hop/rap music has evolved over the years. I think the greatest concept I pulled from this interview, was learning appreciate music in its current form or phase, regardless of if it automatically appealed to my taste. I’d like to think over the years, we’ve been able to develop a mature pallet when it comes to music, and while beneficial in seeking out tomorrow’s hits, has also been detrimental in appreciating evolution. We can commit to doing better. I think…maybe. Nah, fuck it…if it’s wack…it’s wack and we’ll keep it moving if you don’t decide to. Peep Timbo at veteran status in this interview with Ebro in the morning on Hot 97. Share and enjoy!

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