First off…. look here, Tripp. Mine know better. She def goin out the window in the case of an unplugged Xbox. We all know I love to play my “silly” RPG’s, but god damn it you not gon unplug me after 2 hours of not saving. NO! I REFUSE!!!

Try me if you want, but…. THIS… ISSSSSS…. SPAARRTTAAAAAA!!!!@#!@!

But I digress. Check out these cool visuals submitted by ‘Real Shit Records’ artist Tripp Alderman out of Tampa Florida. “The Boss” was produced by SKYWLKR and is about a woman showing you who is boss by destroying your video game dreams. (Please see my rant above). Reminds me of that one song I did, BMFG. Watch “The Boss” in HD below! Nice work on the vid, Chevy.


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