love dont live here al fatir back cover

Connecticut emcee Al-Fatir releases his long-awaited project Love Don’t Live Here. This 8-track journey focuses on the many facets of love, twisting the very definition at times. You’ll hear one-of-a-kind production from Allen Ritter and fellow Tribe Worldwide members Aviles, ZVLU and Jaynez that allow Al-Fatir to shine in ways only he can. The dynamic soundscape on Love Don’t Live Here is sure to fulfill the listeners’ hip hop needs with ease. You can watch the visuals for “Sober” down bottom. Catch the vibe:

love dont live here al fatir front cover

Watch “Sober” Visuals

Sober | Al-Fatir | [Official Music Video] from [Black Tongue] on Vimeo.

  • Cecil Sherman

    Track number 7 (Sober) is pretty legit -‘’I never saw change
    unless it came out a couch’’, slick I like it …but it’s real life, Sober by Al-Fatir
    shows you a person who has been hustling and trying to make it but his end result has not change and the only way to fight reality if he takes “40 oz for the pain”. His escape is drugs
    and alcohol and hates the fact when he is sobers up because he is presented with the pain all over again; disappoints , hardships circumstances that just suck the life out of you.
    I can only imagine how many people in America who are probably going through some
    hell right now and can no longer face it .I think a lot of people can relate to
    this song .

    What’s everybody feelings on the Sober track or the rest of
    the project? Anyone have any favorites? Because I think his delivery and
    lyrical content on Sober was on point and really matched well with the flow of
    the beat, the visual gave me more insight on his message. Overall I think he’s
    a dope artist anyone knows where he’s from?

    And is this his 1st, 2nd or 3rd project because I’ve never heard of him or Tribe World Wide.