real the poet black like me skittles arizona

“You would understand if you was Black Like Me.”

I’ve seen people – of ALL colors – try to stop any person from speaking anything ‘pro-black‘. People say “Oh this again?” They say, “Miss me with that.” I, however, do not need to remain ignorant to social issues and I’d prefer to hear an artist or two speak their minds on real issues. I love turning up as much as you do, but personally I need to turn down sometimes just to balance my sanity. Enjoy – or reflect, rather – on Lexington, KY emcee R.E.A.L. tha Poet’s latest video for “Black Like Me,” a J-Ideas-produced record from The Real World that speaks for itself. Sometimes… they ARE keeping an extra eye on us. Sometimes… they ARE expecting the worst from us. Stay safe, stay woke, speak your mind and catch the vibe: