Nice submission from 22 year old South Carolina native, Torelli. A year-old Album, but still pretty funky.

Don’t sleep on this dude. Too many of these other non-singin’ ass “vocalists” running around. This dude here sound like he could make some moves if he play it right. IF you don’t agree, well then I apologize! However, I was at work jammin’ out, people lookin’ at me all crazy. I think the mixing could be better, BUT…. it still makes me wanna hear more work. I need to get this dude a beat… and then feature on that bish too lol.

Download the tape here.

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Torelli has been singing since the age of 5. His Haitian and Italian heritage allows him to think outside the box;

I have no boundaries.

Riding off of a choral degree from Furman University, this 22 year old South Carolina native has what it takes to be the next R&B/Pop Superstar.

“Discoveries” features some heartfelt slow jams and some upbeat dance tracks that everyone can enjoy.”