No! No it’s never too late to share a great record that strays from the ever tiring norm that we’ve somehow been suckered into thinking is real music! I feel like I always have to defend myself for liking a mainstream record or artist, but here at the Nation, we’ve vowed to separate the wack from the real. While Drake did handle this record appropriately, Beyonce’s feature is what really makes this record stand out.

When Drake and Jay shared Pound Cake, it was revealed that Jay Z’s verse was not record originally for that record. It took Drizzy’s vision to convince Hov to part ways with the verse… and well the rest is history. The two didn’t actually get together in the studio to create that record, which is pretty unfortunate because that would have been super ill. Similarly, Bey’s feature feels like charity, even if it just a loop of a few words. Interesting.

Also, despite my wanting to see these awesome collaborations get at least captured on camera, I’ll settle for another solid record. Share and enjoy! Special thanks to the internet for making all of Beyonce’s best pictures easily accessible.

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