Blessed be the day. The force is strong with this one. I was in a freshman in college the last time Pharrell and Snoop Teamed up to make magic. Nope, not Drop It Like It’s Hot. Beautiful. Remember? You all remember.

Well this truly dynamic duo is back again with what is sure to be the song for the remainder of the year. The vibe is the smoothest ever. The video is vibrant and stunning. Seriously. Look at it!

snoop 2

In classic Snoop Dogg fashion, the entire record and video encompass the Funk Era. Charli Wilson adds some awesome vocals as well, and as secretly commercial as this is, it’s a winner. It’s funny how the very first two snare hits are almost identical to his Robin Thicke hit from last year. Lol. It’s almost like he’s fuckin’ with us. Can I say that?

So Many Pros is off Snoop’s forthcoming album Bush, set to release 5/12/15, produced entirely by Pharrell Williams. This really might be a tough one to pass up on. It’s got classic written over it.

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