We’re late with this one. We know. It’s like if it smells like mainstream rubbish…and looks like mainstream rubbish…then it usually is, and it’s an even skip over for us. BUT! Bodak Yellow by Cardi B, is in fact…wicked. I remember a month ago playing this video and me only being able to sit through 15 seconds of it. However, last night on the gram (shout out to Rap Radar), I managed to catch a little snippet of her explaining how she developed this record, particularly the flow, and I decided to see what was what. Again, after 30 seconds my hand started reaching for the pause button, but then I realized, home girl was killing this record and flow. I always say that if you’re not going to break the mold with a record, you need to make it sound super official. This one is, particularly a third verse from Cardi. I remember when most records were guaranteed a third verse and that last verse usually sealed the deal on a record. Well Cardi B was able to bring that feeling back with Bodak Yellow. I’ve never been a fan of too many female rappers outside of Missy….but if I were a woman….this is the record I’d be playing at my wedding and funeral…simultaneously! Share and enjoy!