Young hip hop artist Tommy Shorts hails from Kosciusko, MS and his game is melodic trap music. His main influences include artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Nav, Oliver Francis, etc. Searching for his identity, Shorts took to the mic and fell in love. “PERFXCT” is a love song about the one that got away. It’s a cliche idea but it really works. Something about it is genius. It’s so simple at first glance that it seems elementary. It’s then you realize that almost anyone could relate to this; you realize the melody is about to get stuck in your head if you’re not careful. Producer Taz Taylor provides a mesmerizing, dreamy soundscape that almost taps into whatever part of your brain that controls nostalgia, trapping you in a 4:45 time warp back to sadder times. The writing is universal and I’d want to see this music appear on a movie or tv series; let’s make it happen. Stay up and thank your water: