I’ve just spent the last 8 hours of my life doing my regular blog roll, to bring America the freshest shit. I have found little. Shame on you big blogs for having the same 5 posts. No offence to Jay-Z and Kanye..but I dont care how many times they performed Niggas In Paris…..why?.. might you ask….because….. I wasn’t there to see it once! Not bitter..just disappointed America.  There are two things that will most certainly survive the impending Zombie Apocalypse…cockroaches..and ole tired ass same story havin ass dick ridin ass hip hop blogs. Anyways, my peoples hooked me up with this dope record from a gentlemen in the UK who preferences the name: Tinie Tempah. I like many other have been sleeping on him until I heard this new joint featuring Wretch 32 and J. Cole.  Beat is hard, and the first two verses are on point. I thought Cole would have put a little bit more on his but overall I’m very pleased with this….thoughts?

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