Top of the morning you young thunder cats! If you’re not familiar with our normal antics here at The, this Emmaline WTF record may come as bit of a curve ball. However, this one’s all in a good day of work for us. From the first couple bars of this record. I knew Emmaline had the potential to let her vocals rip. Sure enough, she didn’t disappoint, channeling some classic Brittany Spears for both the vocals and visuals.

Overall the record is well composed and has a Top 100 hit written all over it. The visuals are pretty cool also with a particular nod to the outfit choices. The rest is on you all to share and enjoy, but don’t be at all surprised when you find yourself running this one back a couple times.

Check out some more of Emmaline’s work on Soundcloud:

Purchase on iTunes: WTF – Single – Emmaline