I’m going to say this, and only say this once…so pay attention. GD! Please don’t jump on the internet band wagon about the Lana Del Ray, Ray Rice line…it really isn’t that serious. Much of the hip hop community, seemingly conveniently forgets how Eminem, not only notched his name in history, but also had the most amazing choke hold on the game for like a decade.

His empire, was built almost entirely on the stretch of his success in music. His albums are some of the highest selling of all time…in the whole…league. How quickly we forget, why we fell in love with Eminem. His lyrics have been shock value banter since the get go. His mastery of word play is in every essence, the actual definition of rap, but is vastly lost in the shuffle because of moment’s like this.

Moment’s where the internet decides to get their knickers in a twist, as if this was the first violently charged lyrics incorporating a celebrity name, ever uttered from Eminem’s vocals. Really? That’s what you all are going with.

Everyone just needs to settle the F down, and enjoy an amazing collaboration of lyrical emcees. It’s funniest when you think about how many currently “hot” artists can’t even put together 1 verse of meaningfully witty bars, yet alone 20 minutes of it, off the dome. Tighten up America! Tighten up World. In order of significance for us however, here’s how we’re lining up the verses:

6. Royce Da 5’9′ 

5. Crooked I

4. Joell Ortiz

3. Joe Budden

2. Eminem

1. Yelawolf

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