It’s always good to do some wrapping up at the end of the year to help bring in the new. TRAFFIC is the name of ours for 2016. This year we’re bringing you both an audio wavelist and a watchlist (video) filled with heat from some of the artists who are more popular among our readers. As a growing network, we’re excited to share with you the works of anyone who helped to make us better than last year. On the 2016 Traffic Watchlist you’ll see awesome videos from the likes of Kayo Da Beast, Dabron Kain, HeyeYella, Brotus, Jay Lino, Mike Mass, Emmaline, Rezza, Little Strike & Jack Fletcher. The list starts with a minute-long promo sampler of all the videos; it’s comprised of mostly hip-hop / r&b but if you pay attention there are some alternative jams for the eclectic. Burn up and catch the vibe: