Every one of the tracks on Bruus’ brand new album Midnites N Yidnyke sounds complete. We had a hint of what the Cabrini Green-bred producer and emcee’s album would sound like based on videos like this and this; but after a first listen I’m happy to report that there are more where those came from – if not better – and with varying degrees of self-produced freshness. Before we get into our current favorites from the project, you should stop and take a moment to watch the Midnites N Yidnyke prologue.

Aw yea, got these bitches on the playlist

OK now let’s get into just a few of the records I have thrown in my mix. “No Bend, No Break” is on the list for replay value. I just wanna throw it on and be like fuck yall. He says a bunch of things you’ve been wanting to say to other people all week. “The Moon” has some crazy vivid production; sounds like you’re in a spaceship and it just feels right. There are some interesting vocal effects and nuances throughout that keep you entranced while Bruus navigates. “Gyal Dem” just talks to my roots. How can I deny a good blend of Dancehall and Hip Hop? He did that shit… and plus… can you really trust gyal? I digress. Then we have “Midnite Confessions” – this one is all grit. My Spotify was set to shuffle so when I hit play on MnY, I thought this was the intro and it was an instant-save. Either way it feels very vulnerable and yet powerful as Bruus gets everything off his chest to close out the album. He has a way of switching up the style but not? It’s like when you eat anything from Burger King and it still tastes like Burger King. Not many artists can incorporate different versions of themselves and pull it off; kudos. Check out the videos linked above, check out the album and let us know what your favorite tracks were. Burn up and catch the vibe: