I’d like to introduce you to the Triads: A Hip-Hop triumvirate based out of Greensboro, NC comprised of 3 individuals: Deen Garba, 20, James Black, 20, and Shaheen Lashani, 19. Keep those ages in mind as you listen to this We Got It Wrong record. We get a ton of submissions on a daily basis here at CLPNation. There are good records that fall into our laps and there are crap records that me and @BncyeCLP blast in the studio and sit back and laugh at. However, this We Got It Wrong record by The Triads and St. Lucia is money straight to the bank. The production is fantastic. The instrumental is awesome. Every note was hit the way it was supposed to…and the post production is something I don’t hear a lot of outside of big budget industry acts. I was thoroughly impressed, and have since run this record back a few times.  I’m cosigning on this record and I’ll have the Triads on my radar to bring you all more good music. Shout outs to St. Lucia and The Triads for not submitting some cookie cutter ass bullshit to our site. The rest of you all…share and enjoy!

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