It’s pants shitting time! If you’re a gear head, you may want to get a pack of Huggies ready before you read this post. Since the original Fast & Furious film shed light on the late 90’s Toyota Supra, the rumor mill has been buzzing about it’s following act.

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With sister brands Lexus releasing the LFA and Scion releasing the FR-S, it was only natural that Toyota saved the best of last. Design wise, the FT-1 Concept is definitely the best looking of the 3. It embraces what a car from the future should look like. From bottom to top, every aspect of the design is hinged around performance and function. It just so happens that it’s a jaw dropping visual as well. However, with the FT-1 still being in concept stages, I would imagine that some of the aggressive styling features will be further refined before this one hits the open market.

Toyota-FT-1_Concept_3 trim

What about the numbers? Well I’m glad you asked…but I won’t bore you with engine specs and horsepower stats, because none of those matter if you can’t even afford to afford this super whip. With the LFA’s whopping $400,000 price tag…and the FR-S’s affordable $25K price point, I would presume that the FT-1 is set to be competitive within the Nissan GT-R‘s $100k range, though no official prices or release dates have been given. If you’re digging this car, then you’d better start saving. Check out this behind the scenes look at the Toyota FT-1 Concept courtesy of Motor Trend, and be sure to take a gander at the FT-1 gallery after the jump.

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  • I hope that Toyota continues to issue another good car performance and design, will issue approximately Toyota cars for the future .. what else I was one of the bmw car enthusiast, I prefer to design the car ..