nolan the ninja fuck the whack

With his new album The Ill Sh-t, Detroit Verbal Vomiteer Nolan The Ninja pays homage to the golden age of hip-hop, working to preserve the culture he fell in love with. It’s been a while since we first heard Nolan’s debut album NinjaTown, which led to acclaim for his production and collaborations with other Detroit artists. “I really think that ‘Ninjatown’ was a good first record, but I don’t feel like it represented me in the right way,” he says. “These new records are exactly who I see myself as now, as an artist.”

Nolan and producer 5ynoT’s minimalist sound beds give Nolan’s hoarse, sharp-tongued raps about industry monotony and artistic struggles room to roam. Fellow Detroit features include Noveliss, Chavis Chandler, MarvWon and Fatt Father. Don’t miss the videos for Plight & F-ck the Whack.

The Ill Sh-t (front - FINAL) nolan the ninja

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