Confession: This record is awesome. Lisa Mitchell was a feature from an Australian magazine which, and I quote is an: “…online music and youth culture magazine focussed primarily on independent news, reviews and feature articles…”. The made me Happy just to read that. I digress.

The original article was a track by track review of Lisa’s latest LP entitled: Warriors. I gave the first record/video (TheBoys) a whirl and haven’t even bother to check out the rest of the project. The Boys, both visually and sonically put me in a really good place. Mitchell’s voice is a perfect fit for an awesomely trance like instrumental, produced by Eric J Dubowsky. Respect.

This one is definitely worth the share and enjoy. Nothing more need be said. Visit us on daily as we scour the Internets for the best independent talent. BLOGGING?! We talking about BLOGGING?!

Purchase on iTunes: Warriors – Lisa Mitchell