Bling bling! Street wear brands are taking over and hosting all types of dope mixtapes left and right. The Mile Fly Club already had a banger drop this year: No Parachutes Needed. This time, they’ve teamed up with The FADED Penguin to bring you another smashing compilation of dope artistry. Yes, B. Nyce does make a few appearances; I’m even on the bonus track! Let me know if you find it :).

Featured artist include (in order of appearance):

J.G (@GirlThatsJG), Yung Bub (@YungBub), Two (@ONLY1TWO), Cambatta (@Cambattamusic), ES Pizzle (@ESPizzle), Ameen Spade (@AmeenSpade), CrackKillz (@CrackKillz), Sammy Boi (@SammyBoiTheIsh), Alec Burnright (@AlecBurnright), Charli Funk (@FreeMoneyFunk), Johnny Adama (@JohnnyAdama), Ro Spit (@OhShitRoSpit), Chris Spain (@IAmColumbus), Drew32 (@DREW32), West Egg (@WestEgg7), Nolan The Ninja (@NolanTheNinja), Vinny Virgo (@VinnyVirgo420), and Crown Marquiss’ (@CrownMarquiss)

Check it out and leave a comment telling us which tracks you love the most.

[download id=”21″]


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