Ayo what up?! That’s rhetorical; I hope you didn’t try to reply to me just then. We just got back from Atlanta, checking out the scene at our first festival appearance at A3C. Very good vibes all around. Atlanta seems to be a great location for A3C as it is home to some chill bars with cheap beers, crisp speakers with big knock and there is enough swagger strewn about the city to have its own Old Spice commercial. This was a valuable learning experience for the N!ation. As we prepare for more festival appearances down the line, we’ll have an even better idea on how to approach and tackle these massive networking extravaganzas. We’ll have a bit of footage for you all to peep from the trip momentarily. In the meantime, catch the vibe and give a listen to this playlist highlighting a couple of the dope records that were used to wreak havoc on the Georgian population this past weekend.

#NowPlaying @CLPNation’s @A3C 2014 Playlist →

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