Enter #DrakeMill. Everybody stopped paying attention to their jobs, grandma’s and child support payments due to this recent Drake / Meek Mill debacle. Damn I been waiting a long time to use the word ‘debacle’ in a post. Anywho, I heard half of “Charged Up,” almost excited at the thought of a dope battle. Of course Drake went in, all soft spoken af, but still crushed him – by what seemed to be the entire internet’s standpoint. One-third of the way into the record, I was bored af and cut it off. Then before the Facebook posts disappeared of my feed about it, he did another joint “Back To Back” which sent the interwebz into a further state of uproar. I wouldn’t know, didn’t listen… I just been trying not to laugh at all this hilarious memes, and tryna pay attention to anything they try to slip by us while this bullshit has us all looking left. You know, like niggas dying by cops hands and all types of lewd and lascivious shit with lions getting turned into carpets in the jungle and shit. So boom, Meek finally came back with “Wanna Know” and woom woom everybody talking again. Some say Meek real, Drake fake. Some say Meek bars were trash and Drakes were straight. I don’t know who won, but I think YOU do. Why don’t you leave us a comment and let us know what you thought? Catch the vibe:

#NowPlaying The #DrakeMill EP featuring @Drake + @MeekMill’s #ChargedUp, #BackToBack + #WannaKnow…

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