nolan the ninja pizza

Detroit’s own… Nolan The Ninja. This vicious emcee and producer tests his limits on every release, with tenacity and plenty “gusto.” Not to mention I always enjoy the blatant F*** YOU vibe that’s laced throughout all his records. Shouts to Phat Kat for a solid feature, and 5ynoT for the usual heat on the sonics. Get ready to enjoy the next EP from Nolan The Ninja – f-ck the hype. – in just a few days on November 10th. I like to bring it full circle, so when you finish with this new release “deploi.” make sure you check out this video right here. Nolan is nice on the beats too; head on over this way if you don’t believe me. Now, catch the vibe:

#NowPlaying #deploi. by @NolanTheNinja, feat. #PhatKat @ronnieeuro, prod. @5ynoT | #FuckTheHype →

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