On its original release at Muvico, Dropz: The Movie piqued the interest of CNN & several local news outlets. Tampa police even checked the audience for suspects at one showing. The follow-up to Dollaz: The Movie, Dropz is the first film to talk about tax fraud in the hood and was directed by Eric Alexander & Jabaar Edmond. The story follows “Dollaz” (Smooth Hines), “Cash” (Fo Shezzy) & “Skrilla” (Shawty Saprano). The crew is reunited and gets right back to their old ways; only this time they have a new hustle and have to run from their pasts as hit-man “Feddi” (Eric Carter [R.I.P.]) gives chase. Additional cast includes Cristol, Bonnie Harvey, Ramona Irsi, Raynaudia Smith, Young Huli, Big Gwop, Dangeruss, Polo, Odell, Breezy Bang, 1Franchise, Dali Boi and many more Tampa Bay artists. This film opened up the Tampa Bay film market just like The Godfather did in the 70s. Dropz is a classic and will surely be enjoyed for years to come. Burn up and catch the vibe:

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