I had to sit with this record for a day and even get a second opinion to make sure I wasn’t over hyping it. However, this 17 year old from Atlanta is doing something different with music, so for that alone it’s worth some added attention. Upon first listen, I was immediately impressed by the record sonically. The instrumental was simple, but emphasized through bigger drums. The visuals were slow motion and high definition dominated, but still interesting enough to keep me watching. I still wanted more though. I liked the onset of the minimalist approach to the lyrics, but at times felt like the record was too simple.

raury, god's whisper, gods whisper

This is only the first release from Raury, so I’d like to see what the album sounds like before we jump to any conclusions…but as an overall piece of work, I was very pleased to see and listen to something this refreshing. Let us know how you’re feeling about this one by commenting below, or sharing with your friends. Be sure to visit CLPNation.com daily for our take on the best creative works across the internets.


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