Nice new record off T.I.’s upcoming: No Mercy (View the tracklist here). Once again, another solid verse from T.I.; a thoughtful verse from Kanye, and I like how Kid Cudi has been used sparingly in recent records. The instrumental is good, not spectacular, but not run of the mill either, so respect is due. The drums are nice, and I like the piano melody, however the main synth bothers me a little bit. The mix is very nice, especially when the secondary “80’s” synth comes in during Kanye’s portion of the chorus. As I mentioned earlier, Kanye’s verse is nice, I can always respect when he or Jay dispute the controversy surrounding them and accusations of associations with the Illuminati. This overall should definitely be a good album track as I expect it to be flanked by a couple other bangers. I like what Kanye did as far as the hook was concerned and Cudi’s voice goes extremely well with the instrumental. I wouldn’t have actually minded a more pronounced bridge from Cudi, or even some adlibs done using his voice. Take a listen to the track for yourselves, and feel free to comment. I would like to welcome you to the World of (to the world of) fast money, fast cars, big diamond rings chief chains and the girls of fake smiles, broken hearts and if you looking for your real love you wont find it here if you looking for your real love well goodnight my dear

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