I’ll be honest folks. We never jumped on the Tyler The Creator hype train, because he just never appealed to us sonically. We always knew he was a solid producer and rapper, but sometimes, it’s hard to like an artist who we can’t immediately relate to or associate with. For some fans, its the rappers visual appeal. Other times it’s purely how they sound on records, regardless of the beat supporting them. If you like Young Thug, then we’re still not sure what the appeal is, but hey, this is America!

Regardless, a revitalized Tyler, The Creator, Kanye West and Lil Wayne all dropped bars on this soulfully, and surprisingly ill Smuckers record. Is this going to be enough for you all to check out Cherry Bomb? It dropped today, so if you’re feeling brave and your money is looking right, then you can purchase it below.

Purchase on iTunes:Cherry Bomb – Tyler, The Creator

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