It’s a crazy world we live in, now that the internet has become accessible to almost anyone. Nothing has flourished and suffered more than the entertainment industry. Every day, seemingly like a Chris Angel magic trick, hundreds of new rappers emerge onto the scene looking for their own big break. Few withstand the trials and tribulations of seriously pursuing a career in the arts and go on to craft lucrative careers. Most are here today…and gone tomorrow.


The internet however, doesn’t discriminate and the same come up theory applies for women, particularly the baddest ones. It used to be that becoming a model required endless hours of grind and even more hours of luck, hoping to be spotted and picked up by the right agency, willing to take a chance on your good looks. Now, any good looking broad with an Instagram account can be the next internet sensation. But like the plethora of “rappers”, hot girls are a dime a dozen. Literally. So what happens when the two “talents” collide. The universe has a funny way of keeping everything balance. Niykee Heaton, YouTube sensation, Instagram hottie and singer/songwriter is a perfect example of that balance. Check out her latest work, Infinity, which is frankly, nothing short of dope. There are also additional photos of her below for the balance doubters. Share and enjoy! Infinity is also available for free download below.

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niykee heaton