I’ve run this record back a few times now and still get excited as soon as the horns drop. QuazztheKid is another first time encounter here at The Nation, which has become a nice reoccurring theme of late. All good things. As always, it’s such a rush to get solid music coming through our submissions portal.

I usually don’t pull from the press releases but on this occasion:

“…QuazztheKid is the moniker of Akeem Hawkins, a saxophonist, producer and rapper. Originally from Oakland, California, he made his way to New York to study Jazz at The New School…”

After reading that, I decided to keep Mollycoddle on repeat a few more times. Quazz’s vocals glide smoothly across an awesomely addictive beat making this entire record super chill. The visuals are great, with the Quazz featuring Quazz cameos leaving me chuckling throughout. All good things. Share and enjoy!