We’re still trying to iron out the origins of JK The Reaper and this Exodia record, but we do know this has ties to Denzel Curry, who if you haven’t heard of, should definitely do it and say it for you, sonically at least. Exodia, is a smooth, yet gritty record from NC artist JK The Reaper. This record definitely requires a few listens, which shouldn’t be too hard, considering this joint is jamming!

“Ni**as love Tru’s, but their whole life is a lie!”

That was the line that set this whole record off for me. Since then it’s been on repeat and has been setting off my Sunday pretty nicely. This is our first encounter with JK The Reaper, but with a first impression like this, we’ll be sure to revisit some of his older releases, as well as keep you abreast of his new stuff. Till then however, leave your comments below, and if you’re digging this one, then we sure to share and enjoy it as well.

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