hunnid 1

Our apologies for being sleep as hell on this record. I swear I remember watching it, but you know…with ADHD running rampant and all…can you really blame us? Seriously though…this record clearly hasn’t been slept on by just alone. With only a shade over a million views since it’s mid July release, this Hunnid Stax record by TDE Label mates: SchoolBoy Q and Ad-Soul is still pretty tough.

Obviously it’s not the insightful Ab-Soul and Q we’ve become familiar with, but it’s still respectfully done. This one is definitely worth a few more spins. Did you sleep on this record too? Let us know by commenting below. As always if you’re feeling this selection, or not… share and enjoy! It’s like a a circle! Oh, don’t think we didn’t notice the Mac Miller non cameo/ non feature / no credit given on the song title…ness of this record. Must be the Illuminati.

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Purchase on iTunes: These Days… – Ab-Soul
Purchases on iTunes: Oxymoron (Deluxe Version) – ScHoolboy Q
Purchases on iTunes: Watching Movies With the Sound Off (Deluxe Edition) – Mac Miller